2019 Round Up



2019 ONE50 is officially Done and Dusted

And just breath its and reflect …… wait we have to start the planning for 2020 plus lets not forget the other events we are involved in. Was it a success ? ? hell yes do we need a tweak of the course yes we do…. you have to remember it was only our second event of this type and finding the balance is the hard part and for us its all about moving forward and progressing not standing still thinking its all ok.

Our week on site was a mixture of Weather V Team and day 1 the weather won to the point of at 6pm it was time to call it a day. The rest of the week was a windy mess but the course was set up in plenty of time. Day 1 of the event was perfect although Sunday made up for it with 4 seasons in 1 day which proved difficult for all involved.

The original 2019 plan was to make a few things a little harder than 2018 with the course on the lines of 50% Challenge and 50% Speed but like all great plans it didn’t quite go to plan and we feel it was a little too hard in places, yes there were lots of good bits, lots of amazing bits as well as some parts of the course suited some where it didn’t others and like everything we cant please everyone all of the time. I know being Welsh is close on being perfect but we all do a need little bit of work ?

so moving swiftly on what can you expect from 2020 tbh its still early doors but

  • Down the rocks is a lot more realistic perhaps even put a bypass in
  • No more top of site stump fields they are just cruel for all
  • A little bit more open areas to stretch your legs and give co drivers a rest
  • In general, just take the lap back a bit and look at making it more enjoyable.
  • We need to also find a way of helping the lower placed teams to have more time during night lap how we do it i m not sure as of yet.

I would personally like to thank our sponsors Euro 4×4 Parts for being our main event sponsor. Arena Sponsor WSR / WEP Racing, Night Event Sponsor Wilderness Lighting, Quarry Alpha Fab, SS1 Gwyn Lewis 4×4, SS2 RAC Parts, SS3 Goodwinch, Rock Zone Gigglepin Racing, Bog Area Black Bear Group, Recovery Tough In Rough, Terrafirma Factory Racing, Supporters of Belgium Radical, KK Mobile, TD5 Inside, Full Throttle Productions,

Our marshals just keep getting better and better we really do have some amazing people who give up their time to help you guys and girls race. lets not forget the event team behind it all from sign on down to Recovery and they travel from North and South just to help out and with everyone having their own job to do which makes things easier for me during the event week so from me a huge thank you i am very lucky to have such a great team behind me

Get your diary out as this is important………………….

My Congratulations must go to Team Gigglepin of Marsden / Wilson who were the only team to enter the hall of fame this year

and Spirit of the Event Winner sponsored and chosen by Terrafirma Factory Racing Team 900 Byrne / Ryan

1st 069 Marsden / Wilson HOF

2nd 117 Zahra / Cassar

3rd  567 Ogorman / Neville 

4 181 Ayre / Brown
5 706 Webster / Dunn
6 070 Hickling / Cook
7 022 Jenkins / Roderick
8 900 Byrne / Ryan SotE
9 147 Bass / Davis
10 407 Doyle / Twommey
11 168 Waterfield / Lawrence
12 413 Jones / Green
13 525 Nicholas / Handley
14 450 Roberts / Howard
15 555 Willcocks / Willcocks
16 234 Bowler / Manjou
17 715 Dillon / Quinny
18 711 Jones / Dunn
19 062 King / Harrison
20 986 Kerr / Allwright
21 230 Sharp / Dallyn
22 340 Hirons / Wilson
23 097 Gibbard / Ham
24 727 Hide / Hide
25 333 Grant / Hood
26 056 Cole / Richards
27 210 Evans / Seymour Smith
28 096 Hunt / Webber
29 105 Dean / Dunn
30 012 Cridland / Webb
31 341 Montador / Hufton
32 243 Niesigh / Darch
33 080 Smith / Smith
34 189 Smith / Smith
35 876 Daly / Williams
36 036 Green / Wood

The 2020 date for your diary will be June 6th & 7th with entries opening on Nov 1st again this will be a max number of 40 cars

we will hopefully see you all soon

Many Thanks Nobby & Team


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One comment on “2019 Round Up

  1. Clive jenkins

    Great event again nobby you can’t please all the people all the time and as Ryan said the night lap is a bit unfair on some of the slower teams 1 in particular I know of done the whole lap and got into the arena having done a lot of damage only to be told that’s it, the coarse is closed so make your way to the pits with only a few hundred yards to go the driver and co driver were far from happy, understandably, I think to be fair, other than that I think it was pretty faultless, even though I am neither a driver nor co driver.

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